Dolce&Gabbana Men’s SS2023 Collection.

Dolce&Gabbana Men’s SS2023 Collection.

The Collection – 89 looks – winks at the brand’s archive, an inexhaustible source of inspiration, rich in charm and creative content. The heritage is presented by telling the idea of building contemporaneity from the past; a past that is also present, charged with identity and uniqueness.


Some of the looks featured in the fashion shows of the years 1990/2000 walked again. Others, proposed in a new context, are assembled together with modern pieces to define a new and up-to-date male silhouette and dialectic. Garments and accessories feature a cotton label with the inscription «Re-Edition» that shows the year the garment was first presented and that of the new SS2023; each garment thus has a different, unique and exclusive label.

The look dictates a layering of garments, where the fabrics of summer – cotton and drill – take center stage. The focus remains denim in all its possible interpretations. These fabrics are combined with classic lace and brocade or with modern fabrics treated with innovative processing for vintage or three-dimensional effects, as in the terry cloth also proposed in a printed version.

The color palette is filled with warm nuances and neutral, dusty hues, with accents of color in details and embroideries. Crema di Ortigia, sand of Mondello, moro della Kalsa, black lava and corredo white: the natural colors of the Sicilian land take shape on iconic garments reread and recontextualized.

Front row: Apuje Kalu, Pablo Schreiber, Lucas Jagger, Michele Morrone, Can Yaman, Winston Duke, Alex Gonzalez, William Levy, Caua Reymond, Tyrod Taylor, Rudy Gay, Jaren Jackson Jr, Corey Kispert, Bismack Biyombo, Wesley Iwundu, Josh Richardson.



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